Overhaul of an existing, outdated website for a luxury interior design firm based in Chelsea, London.


Founded in 2005, Tollgård Design Group is a creative Interior Design studio who also specialise in luxury furniture. Their main studio is based in Belgravia, London.

Tollgård approached me to overhaul their existing, outdated website. During the project I helped them with the design and development of their new website while working with an SEO consultant to achieve the best possible search engine rankings.

  • Design
  • Development

The image choice for this website was incredibly easy, as Tollgård had commissioned photoshoots for each of their projects. I worked with Staffan and Monique (Tollgård Founders) to select the imagery for each section of the website.

One of my favourite things about this project is the background within the navigation, which uses close-ups of elements from Tollgård’s projects. When you navigate to a different page, you’ll see a different close-up (example above).


The main focus for the website was to highlight the key service areas that Tollgård offer and a place to showcase their fantastic projects.

The project section includes filtering functionality to allow any potential users to refine the results by, Commercial, International and Residential. This means that the customer can quickly find projects that are relevant to their needs.


The website needed to be mobile-friendly and work on all screens small and large.

To make sure the user had the best possible experience, the website was thoroughly tested on a mixture of different devices and browsers.